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Fullmetal Arithmetist Fullmetal Arithmetist

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's good but...

I think you really missed a creative opportunity by not showing what the little brother looked like...or for not showing how the older brother's leg would be replaced. I felt cheated without seeing those two things. Anyway it was funny and nostalgic.

P.S. People like to support nice people. Your author comments seem quite rude and aren't helping you at all. People will troll you just because they know you will react poorly. Newgrounds is truly a family and kindness will get you a long way.

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BoobMarley responds:

This is the internet. I don't care whose "support" I acquire by bending over and taking it from useless, inflammatory comments.
Get me a "long way"? Really? To what end? Internet stardom and ultimate power? Maybe in your 14 year-old day dreams.
I have a real life, with a real career and friends and family. This is just a little pet project.

Go outside.

WaterLoop! WaterLoop!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, but cheesy music

Nice animation with a story that left you feeling whole. The music choice however reminded me of the worst sonic the hedgehog stuff from the nineties. It really was horrible cheesy electric rock.

Veinom responds:

Most people here like the music. In my opinion Sonic games for Genesis had some of the best music ever. Music adds to the fun and the mood. Anyway, music is the only thing I didnt do, so I dont really care. Thanks for the comment on the story and animation, its very helpful!

Robotbeard the Pirate Robotbeard the Pirate

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, but very predictable

Why not call him Robobeard... it just sounds a lot nicer. Anyway, there were no punchlines that made me laugh, just a funny atmosphere. I like to laugh. You like to laugh...make me laugh please.

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DestructoBox responds:

Maybe try out our new short next week?
Better luck with that one perhaps?

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Action Turnip!!! Action Turnip!!!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Turnnabalt mode is flawed

When looking at the high score I noticed that the turnnabalt ones were quite low the highest being just above 4,000. I can easily get 1,000 without trying, however I always die in a place that seems too difficult. The issue here is that it is too hard to judge how high you will jump due to the over sensitive jump button. In some situations it is essentially impossible. This makes this mode un-rewarding. It would be awesome if we could speed up our falls with the down button or somehow control the jump height better.

raitendo responds:

yeah, turnabalt is harder, but there are no instances where it really is impossible to make the jump. I agree the jump button is too sensitive in these cases, because sometimes you need to make a much smaller jump. your idea is really good, only this means turnabalt mode stops being a one-button game (not that it's really that important, but yeah that mode is a canabalt tribute, so...).

Maybe I should tweak it a bit though, make the platform jumping easier through making the distance between them smaller and making the small ones not appear as often. And make the speed faster instead... I'd love to hear your opinion on this, feel free to PM me.

Doodle God Doodle God

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Aimless at best

This game has a fatal flaw: We don't know what are the possible things to make. If we knew what were the goal creations it would add a lot more than this game as opposed to being the needle in a haystack click and click until you find something adventure. Many of the combinations are not realistic and do not make sense. Either expand the game to allow more free play or let us know what we should be striving to make (like telling us what we can make at this point in the game as opposed to the boring hint system).

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Epos Epos

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The biggest problem I see

The worst thing about this game was the time it took to kill bosses. I beat the whole game on normal and it took be about an hour to kill the volcano king lightning boss at level 23. Unless you want me to grind it out, that it way too long (I presume to beat it on challenge a lot of grinding will take place). Obviously if i can survive 30 minutes with a boss and didn't use an item, then you will kill him eventually. You should decrease the hp of the bosses by half. Note this WOULD NOT decrease the difficulty that much because if you can beat half of a boss (without items that is...) then you can beat the whole boss... it's just a time issue. I liked the signets in general, but there was no reward for winning... you couldn't by anything cool but a few lame signets with the money...

P.S. What are the random drop signets i want to know if i got them all

Strategy for the game here: To be good at the end game, get the healing upgrade signet, coward, and the spread damage. Then give everyone the ability to heal. In general this will get you through the last bosses don't forget to get everyone the hp and mp up skills and make sure someone has healing aura.

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Bananasaur Bananasaur

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice and Historically accurate

Those suggesting your depiction of a dinosaur is inaccurate are in not versed in dinosaur evolutionary history. Many dinosaurs had fur and the theropods (raptors like what I think you depicted here) that evolved into birds had relatively thick feathering. T-Rex had feathers as did many other dinosaurs that looked like him.

bloominglove responds:

Why thank you! :) I feel less silly about my furry Raptor. Thanks! :D

Run To The Hills Run To The Hills

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice, feels a little flat

I think it is a nice job, but the piece lacks depth. I see you added shadows for the guy and the tree, but the background is un-shadowed. I think if you added shadows along the right side mountains and on any bump in the ground/other things that need shadows it would be great. (P.S. when the revolver was invented that pretty much ended the times of indians being able to come at the westerners without being shot to shreds.)

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VillainousTurtleSLC responds:

Great point I'll try and stick in a few more shadows. I just make this stuff up on the fly so if there's a historical error, well, oops. :)

So Fucking Stealthy So Fucking Stealthy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What the poop?

If you want to promote yourself, you should put that url with your profile. You know how other people have the "site" link. I tried to find yours because I was too lazy to copy and paste the http://braaaaains.deviant Funny picture, great background texture.